Coronavirus: updates, support and resources

Last updated 03/04/2020

We will continue to update this blog with helpful updates, announcements, and resources as long as the coronavirus outbreak continues to impact schools and businesses.

As the situation continues to evolve and the Government ramps up their measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus in London, we are doing what we can to continue to support our customers.

We ourselves have had to adapt our working situation as per the government’s recommendations and for the protection of our staff. Therefore, our entire team is now working remotely. This will not impact our ability to support our customers in any way and we will continue to go above and beyond to meet their needs.

Currently, our team is working tirelessly to ensure our customers have the tools they need to continue working remotely.

Support Update

We are still open and fully available! Our Helpdesk support remains unaffected and customers should continue to contact us in all the normal ways for both Technical and MIS based support.

Our MIS team is currently working to provide online training sessions for after the Easter Break, for any schools looking to utilize their staff’s time for professional development.

Our technical field team are continuing to deliver as much support as possible remotely and will only come out to site in an emergency.

Anyone considering Office 365 or Google Apps or wanting to know how to get more from their current deployment should contact us.

And a reminder for our Education customers using LGfL: LGfL includes in their service a robust VPN and Remote Access system that could be deployed to your staff to facilitate working remotely. Please contact our team for us to configure this for you and provide guidance to your users on accessing it.

Updates for SIMS Users

We have created these guides in response to some of the frequently asked questions we have been receiving from our customers. We hope they help your team during this period.

Grouping and Reporting on your Vulnerable & Key Worker Children in School

As most schools will now have a smaller number of pupils in schools for the foreseeable future, we wanted to share with you a way to set up these pupils as a group and be able to create reports for them specifically.  Please do give the help desk a call if you need help with any of this.

Recording Staff Absence During Covid-19

Some schools may wish to monitor staff absences in more detail during this period. With this in mind, you may also wish to add in a specific staff absence for Covid-19.

Y Code Analysis Report

Prior to the school closures a number of pupils who were absent due to isolation and some schools were advised by their attendance teams to be entered into SIMS using the Y code. 

We have received a number of queries on the best way to identify and report on these instances and have therefore created a report to help you with this.

To gain access to this report, contact our MIS team via [email protected] and they will import it into your school’s SIMS database.

FSM and SEN Contact Details Report

Further to School closures and the need for schools to continue to support Vulnerable children and those in receipt of Free School Meals- the MIS team has created some reports that may be useful to schools during this time. 

These reports contain contact information for all students with SEN and FSM needs and will assist you with contacting parents of Vulnerable children, and those entitled to Free School Meals.

To gain access to these reports, contact the MIS team via [email protected] and they will import them into your school’s SIMS database.

Below is a guide explaining how to use and import these reports

Scroll down to see resources from Capita SIMS to support you during this period

Cygnet Training Update

Cygnet will be scheduling a list of online training sessions after the Easter Break.

We will keep you updated.

Until then, Capita SIMS customers will be please to know Capita will still be running online webinars during this period. For more information, scroll to our Capita SIMS section below.

DfE Pupil Registration Process

The DfE has created a process to register pupils on-site during the school’s closure period- access them here

We have received calls from a number of schools needing assistance with this process. Please see our simple step-by-step guide below.

How Our Partners Are Helping

Below are all the resources made available by our partners to support teachers and businesses during this time. We will be continuously updating these resources throughout this period and sharing content on our social channels.

LGfL has set up a Coronavirus dedicated website with resources to support teachers adapting to remote working and provide school guidance.


SIMS has provided a blog post covering all the free tools schools can use alongside their current technologies to adapt to remote work.


SIMS is currently running a selection of FREE live webinars for customers; all sessions will be recorded and made available online so you can access them whenever you like. 

Another list will be released and will include NovaT, preparing the timetable for next year, and End of Academic Year routines.  

Access these resources via the links below:

Pupil Asset has shared an update assuring customers’ support will not be affected and communications lines will remain open. They will be using every platform they have to boost useful information to the audience. Sign up to their newsletter or follow their twitter for real-time updates.

Sophos has been updating regularly providing advice about best practices for secure remote working as well as the latest cyber threats leveraging COVID-19 support.

Datto is regularly updating its blog which provides insights on cybersecurity, ransomware and cloud productivity. They have also written a blog covering how businesses can prioritize employee safety and still maintain regular business operations. The blog covers Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency guidance, CDC advice, and tips from Datto’s MSPs.

Barracuda has been updating their blog regularly since last week providing advice around remote work, security and cyber threats. Here are a few particularly valuable pieces:

Our partners at WebRoot discovered the growing number of cybercriminals exploiting the news cycle. These criminal have been using logos from trusted sources like the World Health Organization in phishing emails and hiding malware in COVID-19 online trackers.

To help prevent any businesses, schools or individuals from falling victim to these crimes during what is already a stressful time, WebRoot has created an evolving blog post.

This post provides tips and advice to keep your business, clients, and workforce resilient.

We are here every step of the way!

Log tickets via the customer portal or call us on 020 8619 1200 or email [email protected]